Friday, August 29, 2008

The Ant Invasion

It is so hot outside that I think some ants decided to come into the coolness of our house. I noticed them yesterday and they were quickly crawling all over the floor. As you can imangine we have a lot of items on the floor that might appeal to an ant. They came in over by the family room window and then migrated towards the kitchen table. Well, Julia, Matthew and I cleaned them up with, what else, the vaccum. I then moved onto other cleaning matters and put Julia and Matthew on ant detail. They loved the opportunity to suck up some ants.
Here they are in ant removal action.:)

On another note, it is the annual fall picture day up at Macie and Thomas' school. I took pictures of them just incase I don't like the results. Mine aren't all that great, but it is what they look like today August 29, 2008. I can't believe they are in 4th and 3rd grade. How time flies.


Janel said...

love the song pictures look good, especially the one of T.

Morgan Brinkerhoff said...

You really do have such a sweet adorable family! And you and your husband top it off! Im glad you found me on here. Its nice to see whats goin on; glad I got the chance to meet you too! keep in touch <3

DebLawson said...

GREAT pics!!

What lovely children!