Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shark Boy or Thomas Hay

I just had to post this picture. It is soooo funny. We went to Folsom Lake with family and friends. Our friend Patty has a seedoo and invited us to go jet skiing with her. We jumped at the chance, and when I told my mom and Dad they wanted to come as well. My sister, her husband, Ali and Ashley wanted to come and join in on the fun. Everyone who wanted to got a ride on the seedoo, even Matthew. Julia rode with me and Auntie rode with Macie. We all a ball and took out a picnic. This is one of the many adventures that we plan to have this summer. I wish Tom could've come with us, but someone has to work to pay the bills. :) Our next adventure was on Saturday with all of us getting up early to go a swim meet and then onto Kelly's house for food and onto a football game that Brad was playing in. It was an alumni game. His team lost, but I think he had fun playing with his old friends. Saturday turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far and we literally baked. It was 106 degrees out at 5:30pm. We had been out in it since 7:30am. We were fried and are paying the price today. I am finally feeling better at 3:00 in the afternoon. The kids had a ball with a hose that had been turned on. They were able to cool off. We got home around 10:00pm. Everyone had fallen asleep in the car. Matthew is being potty trained and did exceptionally well. He loves being a big boy and going on the toilet. I'm just wondering when the training will be over and the trained part can begin. :) He is often heard saying "I potty training" all with a big smile.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my Dad and my husband, who is a great father to our children. We had a nice day with us getting up and making Daddy a breakfast fit of a king. The kids loved it and it was really fun eating breakfast together at the table. We then got ready for church and headed there. The 4 oldest kids were to sing with all the other primary children to their Dads for Father's Day. I say were because Matthew went up on the stand and looked out and said or should I say yelled I don't want to sing. He was brought to me and I picked him up and escorted him out of the chapel. He then, on the way out, yelled I want to sing, I want to sing. Well he had already been up there and I wasn't going thru that agian so no you don't get to sing to Daddy. Oh, well maybe next time. :)
We then went to Grandma and Pa's for dinner. Pa was making his own Father's Day dinner which consisted of spaghetti, ribs, potato salad, watermelon and homemade ice cream made by the Hay gang. What a yummy dinner and surprisingly the gang loved it and ate many ribs. While at Grandma and Pa's Henry decided he had lots of work to do. These pictures show just how "busy" he was. :)

Everyone else had loads of fun hanging out and eating at Grandma and Pa's. We ate berries off the raspberry bush and Emily did toenails and fingernails. Even Matthew got into the act.
I love my Dad and am so blessed to have him. He is the best. He is always looking out for us and taking care of us. He is also up for any fun adventure that we try and think up. I am also very blessed to have Tom. He is a great husband and the kids love their daddy. He, too, is up for fun times, but mainly he loves to wrestle and have dance parties with the gang. They love having the dance parties and watching America's Funniest Home Videos with him. He also has taught them many fun songs that they just bust out and we smile at each other and can't believe they actually sing and like those songs. All in all it was a fun day.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Funtastic Day! :)

We got Julia up and at em yesterday and sent her to school on the school bus. She was going to therapy by bus and I needed to pick her up from there. I hurried around the house with housework and floor mopping. The kids helped with the dishes and Macie got a call from a friend to go to sunsplash. I said ok and bought her an online ticket. The friend was picking her up at noon. Julia needed to be picked up at noon and I need to leave to go with my to see an aftertoon performance of Forever Plaid. I also tried to get a babysitter for the days events and as luck would have it this week is girls camp in our stake so no young women available for sitting with my gang. I asked around and there is a returned missionary who doesn't have a job that might be available to sit for me. Mind you I have never met him, but I call anyway and he will do it. He was set to come and watch the gang at noon as well. My mom picked me up, the sitter came, and Macie was waiting for her friend to arrive. I left and never thought about it again until after the play. My dad went to pick up Julia and they weren't going to let him because I hadn't told them about it. I couldn't believe I had forgotten that little bit of the plan. They called home, but I wasn't there so the therapist let Macie say it was ok for that man (grandpa) to take Julia home. Tom arrived home at 4 and started getting everyone ready for the River Cats game that we were going to that night. He even fed them a little dinner. Tom's work got free tickets and we got some for Gram, Pa, Auntie and Emily. One problem though Macie wasn't home from her fun filled day at Sunsplash. What to do? I know go get her from Sunsplas. How hard could that be, right? The place was packed and they don't allow you in unless you pay. I did some sweet talking and I was permitted in to look for her. I finally found her after about 10 min. Not bad considering all the people that were there. She wasn't happy to have to go home. Tom met us at my mom's Macie changed clothes and off to the game we went. The game was fun and the seats were great. In fact, Tom caught the first foul ball of the night. Go Tom. The kids were so proud that their dad caught a ball. Smiles on everyone. Then Henry was acting up so I took him walking the park. The camera guy filmed us and the family saw us on the big TV in the park. How fun! We are just resting today, in fact, Macie is still asleep and Julia is already at school, Tom went to work and I'm doing laundry. I guess we might get to resting tonight. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Hay Gang Doing Their Thing

We, the Hay Gang, do have a lot to do. Saturday started out with us getting the whole gang to the El Dorado Hills swim meet by 6:40 in the am. The kids had to check in by 7:00 and we didn't want to miss check in. Macie and Thomas both got to swim 5 races and Julia got to swim 2. She was supposed to be in a relay, but 2 children scratched and her relay got axed. I was more disappointed than her. Oh, well. Auntie, Uncle, Grandma, Pa and Ali all came to watch the swimming wonders. :)

After the meet Auntie and Uncle went to Costco and got pizzas and we all met at the Folsom City Park to celebrate Henry's birthday. Henry loved it at the park. It is situated right next to the Folsom Zoo and there are many chickens running around. Henry found great delight in chasing the chickens. Auntie got Henry a swim suit and a cute hat and shirt. We went home to rest and then Macie went to her friend Kyla's dance show. She had a ball. I took Julia to the urgent care office due to the fact that she was coughing and sounded horrible. She just has an upper respitory virus. Last week Henry went to the doctor and he had a double ear infection with his left ear drum being brust. I felt like a horrible mother. So I was worried that Julia might meet the same fate, but no she has been cleared to start summber school tomorrow. Yippee!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Hay Family Swimmers

Aren't they cute? I sure think so. We have our 2nd swim meet next Saturday and thus begin the summer time Saturday nothing gets done season. Today, Tom, Macie, Thomas, Mom, Dad, and Brad went to Grandpa's ranch and cut down a tree and cut up another one for wood for us this next winter. We hope we can get up there another time this summer to gather wood so, maybe this year we won't need to buy wood. We usually go through 2 cords a winter depending on how cold it is. This year we only used about 1 1/2 cords. I stayed home with the littlest 3 because I'm not feeling well and neither is Julia or Henry. I kept Matthew because we all know that Matthew, chainsaws, a ranch, and nothing but running around isn't really a good combination when everyone else has to work. :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Day and Fun Days Ahead

Henry has a look of Einstein

Well today was the last day of school. I have 3 very happy children here at the house. The Hay House can say that we now have a 5th grader, 4th grader, 1st grader and a cute little pre-schooler. Where has the time gone. The gang had fun at the designated parties. Each one recieved a yearbook and go signatures. I can't believe how much each one costs, but it does bring much enjoyment so I can't resist. Henry is sick today and Thomas came home with what he calls a head full of 10 pounds of blood. I think that is Thomas speak for a headache. He is lying in his bed right now. He could just be recovering from a school year full of learning. Both he and Macie came running into the house today singing "No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks!" Ahh, Pa would be proud. :)
Macie is making the first batch of summer cookies, and Julia is playing dress up. Matthew hasn't napped and is being very loud. Henry is just plain sick and tired. He has cried a lot today, and I have held and snuggled him. Grandma and Pa are picking Matthew up and taking him to gymnastics. I'm sure they will get a kick out of it. I wish I had taken last day pictures, but I didn't so I'll just post pictures at random. Enjoy!!!!!
Here's to a summer full of fun, sun, and maybe a little bit of reading, writing, and arithmitic. We'll see. :)

Matthew enjoying family home evening treat.

"If we look cute can we stay up?"

I got to see Julia perform at her Kindergarten sing along. She is soooo cute.