Friday, May 29, 2009

Nothing Much

Memorial Day May 23, 2009

Today is Friday and the school children are off to school, well we are waiting for Julia's bus. The little boys and I are going to Costco to stock up on food to eat at swim meets. We have our first official swim meet tomorrow. Julia seems a little nervous, but I'm sure she will do fine. Auntie and Brad are coming to watch and the big kids are amped up to do well for them. Yesterday we had the dishwasher fixed. Funny how an otter pop wrapper clogged it up. ? The big kids have been incharge of loading and unloading. I think a lesson in how to rinse before you load is in order. :) It has been very hot lately and I have the house all closed up, blinds closed and curtains drawn. I'm hoping that will keep us a little bit cooler.
Bus is here gotta run. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting it Together

Before I went away for the weekend it was Open House at the kids' schools. We went to see Macie sing in the choir and square dance. Then we went to classrooms and saw all the fabulous work Macie and Thomas have been doing and then it was onto to Julia's school accross town. We actually made it to both schools and saw all there was to see. I'm proud of my children, they work hard and have fun. Being a kid is all about the FUN and they seem to know that. So I came home to a mini disaster. The kids were all in one piece, but the house was a wreck. I had expected it, but to see it was a shock none the less. I really didn't care because I had so much fun with my friends it made up for the fact that I missed the kids swim time trials, and the house was a mess. It is now Thursday and the house is still in a mess. I have done a bit of laundry and picked up a bit, but I do have to recover from the fun weekend don't I? Swim practice is taking up a chunk of time, and the little boys are very active so I am busy there. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I am getting it together and the house will be in order sometime next week. :)
Tom did a great job at time trials and my parents watched Matthew and Henry while everyone else was at the pool. Julia did great and really loves being on the team. I can't wait to see her swim at the next meet. Go Julia!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Couple of Birthdays and an Iris Garden

Macie and Julia celebrated their birthdays together because they have them so close to each other. Macie is the 27th of April and Julia is the 8th of May so we decided to have a birthday brunch on May 2nd to celebrate. What a fun way to celebrate. Everyone that came were able to still have most of the day to do their thing and accomplish Saturday work. Julia was absolutely thrilled as was Macie, of course she recieved most of her gifts on her actual b-day, but happy none the less. We ate and then had gifts. Macie recieved an MP3 player from Grandma and Pa, and a knifty knitting kit from Auntie and Uncle. She went right to work and made a couple of hats before Sunday. Julia go a new talking dollie from her beloved Hunkins crew and a lite bright from Grandma and Pa. We gave her a new bigger bike.

Today (May 9, 2009) Grandma and Pa picked me up to go to an Iris Farm/Garden near us in Loomis. It is a beautiful farm with lots of flowers in bloom everywhere. You can go and wander the gardens and sit among the flowers and just be. Grandma got here and suggested we take Julia May with us. She was delighted and quickly went in the house and changed clothes. Nobody else really wanted to go because they were too busy exploring under the house. We have had a bathroom crisis. For Mother's Day I decided I wanted to update the shower/tub fixtures. Tom started with what appeared to be a very easy project. Let's just say we now need someone to come here and fix a pipe that has been busted. No showers or baths here in the kids bathroom for a while. So Julia was really the only one jazzed to go with me. It was beautiful and I got to escape the chaos of the bad plumbing at the Hay House.