Monday, August 18, 2008

5 Minutes For Mom Laptop Contest

I have entered Julia into a contest at 5 minutes for mom. I am hoping that she can win a laptop to help with her communication. Most of you know about our situation with the school district and the talking box. Well, this laptop could help us out with her communication at home and with many of you. It would work just like the talking box. Because the laptop has speakers and sound it could talk for her. We could put the talking box program on it and presto she can talk. Here is my nomination letter. Let's hope we win. Go Julia!!!!
I would love to nominate my daughter, Julia, to have a laptop given to her. She is only 5, but she has a brain disorder, called schizencephaly, that has left her without speech. She was born with the disorder and has struggled to communicate. We have taught her sign language and the school district has purchased her a vantage/vanguard communication device. This is a great talking box, as we call it, but the school does not allow her to bring it home or have it over vacations. A new laptop would make it easier for her to communicate with us and others out in our community. We would be grateful for the opportunity of getting this valuable communication tool for her.


Janel said...
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Janel said...

This is one amazing little girl that tries so hard to communicate with the world. Stacey is an amazing mom of 5 kids! And to this day I don't understand why Julia's school will not allow her to communicate using the talk box they bought. This laptop would open new doors for Julia and help her to interact with typical peers.

Jenna Lee said...

oh i hope she i gets it! she deserves it and so does your family! i love you guys!

DebLawson said...

Hope she gets it. It would help her out a lot!