Saturday, June 18, 2011


 sorry about not posting latley i was busy like camping and i kind of forgot anyway sorry please stay in tune later

This post was posted by Macie, who was like indeed camping with her mother. We had fun at girl's camp. :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011


We have all sorts of promotions around here.  First of all Macie is now a 7th grader and will be going to Jr. High in August.  Of course, all the other children have been promoted to a higher grade.  Matthew will be a 1st grader, Julia a 3rd grader, and Thomas will be a big man on campus as a 6th grader.  Our lilttle Henry will be going to Sierra College State Preschool for his final year before he enters kindergarten.  He has also been promoted to that of someone who wears underwear.  He is potty trained.  I feel like I got a raise because I no longer have to buy diapers or pull ups for the day time.  Yay me.  :) 
The biggest news around here is this.  My brother who has been in prison for 16 and 1/2 years will be coming home.  He has been deemed suitable for parole and has been reviewed for coming home.  We are just waiting on the actual release date.  We are thinking it will be within 10 days.  Sometimes things move slower than we want in the prison system.  We are all so excited to have him home and be able to do family things with us.  :)
We went camping again with Antsy McClain and The Tralier Park Troubadours over Memorial Day weekend.  As always a fun time was had except for the extreme cold and rain.  The gang didn't seem to mind although I did.  We are flamingoheads through and through.  We played games, listened to music, laughed with new and old friends, rode scooters and bikes, ate terrific food, and created in the craft shack.  Whew I needed a vaca from the vaca.  :)
Now we start summer and all the fun activities that come with it.  Yahoo can't wait to get our summer on.  :)