Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We have a new 8 year old in our house!

Thomas turned 8 last Friday the 21st. He had a birthday party with 9 friends on Friday. His birthday party theme was Antsy McClain. Thomas loves Antsy. He is the lead singer of the Trailor Park Troubadours. WE tried to build the party around the songs that Antsy sings. Antsy sings a song about Wienies and Beans so we had a flamingo pinata with candy wienies and beans in it. There is also a song about a croquet king so we played croquet. You get the idea. The guys at Tom's work put together a lifesize cutout of Antsy and the kids all posed with him. Great fun. One of the favored songs though is Going on a Field Trip. We bought plain lunch boxes and put a "sack lunch" in it for the food portion of the party and then the boys got to decorate their own lunch boxes. Here's a picture of Thomas and "Antsy".

Then on Saturday the 22nd Thomas got baptized and became an official member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He was baptized by his daddy. The picture shows all of us in the Hay Gang before his baptism. Oh, Happy Day!!!!

Now because Thomas is 8 he gets to join the cub scouts at church. He is now a member of Pack 220 wolf den. Last night we went to the pinewood derby, which happened to be Thomas' first activity as a cub scout. He looked so cute in his uniform. Well, we weren't expecting much from his car considering it is his first time building one with his dad. Can you believe it, Thomas' car, TRF (Thomas Rex Flier) took first place out of all the boys there. He was very happy and surprised. Way to go Thomas. Pictures are of his car winning a race or two and him with his winning TRF and his ribbons.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Signing 17 month old can read!

I know I am constantly telling all of you about signing and Signing Time!, but this is amazing. This little Texas girl can read and her parents, who are speech pathologists, credit her early reading with Signing Time!. I have talked about how my kids have known their letters at an early age and I think it is because of our using Signing Time!. Anyway read this story that was aired on NBC's Today Show.
Also check out this video of her in action. I know you will be as impressed as I am. I just can't say enough about the value in signing with your kids.