Monday, August 25, 2008

We are making progress!!!!! :)

I had a custom closet company come and install the girls closet. We went back and forth on installing ourselves or having a professional. After some consideration we decided on a professional. I know, I know it shouldn't have been that hard of a decision with us being the half done family and all, but the cost of it was the stumbling block. I am so glad we had a professional. It took him a couple of hours and it looks great and is very functional. We are not going to put doors on the closet so we hung a cieling mount curtain rod and put light and airy appliquied curtains up. The girls think they are so cute.

I do have to do a bit of hemming to make sure they don't hit the ground.
What are we going to do with all that room? Julia has lots of toys and we aren't sure how to organize yet, but once her bed gets here we can figure that all out. They are just thrilled to be sleeping in their own room again.


Janel said...

looks great! Ok now you can come over and organise my kids rooms please...hahaha!!!

DebLawson said...

I LOVE the closet and the adorable curtains you put up! great idea, Mom!
The girls' room is looking fantastic! I'm sure they love it.

I was looking at the picture at the top of your blog with all the kids and just looking at disbelief at how big they are! Thomas, especially. He is such a good looking kid and is going to be a heart breaker in high school!