Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's About TIme!

Hello all! It has been a loooong time since I have blogged. Let me just tell you what has been going on around here. Tom has had to have his gall bladder removed. I'm glad to say that the surgery went well and he is doing fine. He is having a little trouble holding any of the gang and some trouble lifting. At the beginning of the month Fairytale town hosted a party with the Sac. 20/30 club for families of special needs kids. I took Julia, Macie and Thomas for games, crafts, music, and a bbq. It was very nice and they even gave us t-shirts. We were gifted some really nice and expensive carpet. Our neighbors across the street were given some nice carpet from a man who was re-doing his floors. The carpet he had was only a few years old. Our neighbors couldn't use it so they called us. We now have beautiful carpet in our living room. Please no shoes in there. Julia did you hear me? :) We had to have help moving all the furniture out because Tom can't and I have had a bad back since my accident last October. I also went to Tahoe the first week in October. I am serving on the Policy Council for Placer County Action Council. It is for Matthew's pre-school. The Tahoe trip was for training. I got my own room and they fed us some wonderful food. It was loads of nice alone time. Matthew went on a field trip and I got to go with him. It was a very rainy day so they just rode the bus to the Loomis Flower Farm, picked out a pumpkin, and got back on the bus for the trip back to class. I think it was a great field trip. To kids that little just getting on the bus is a trip. :)
The kids (Macie and Thomas) had their Tony Crane dance. They were cute. Thomas was awarded his Bear Badge at the last pack meeting, and Macie was declared the Grand Prize winner in the Rocklin Chamber of commerce Chili Cook-off coloring contest. She gets to go to a winners party at McDonald's this Thursday. They will give her her prize on that day. She is thrilled. Last weekend we traveled to Humboldt State University for my Dad's inductee ceremony. He was inducted into the HSU Athletic Hall of Fame. We all had a blast and went up on Thursday night so we could have some fun on Friday. We went to the beach which was gorgeous. We couldn't have asked for better weather. Then we went swimming in the hotel pool. We had the place to ourselves. In fact a couple of young guys came in and turned right around. Are we that bad? :) It has been a jam packed month, and I sure hope I can update a little more frequently than monthly.
Here are a few pictures from our adventures: