Saturday, August 23, 2008

The first day of school

Well everybody had their first day on Tuesday. Matthew had his on Monday. Everyone seemed to like their new situations and classrooms. Thomas has the same teacher and same classroom, but Macie has entered a whole new world. She has a "homeroom" teacher and then goes to another teacher for Social Studies and Math. The other teacher is a man and I think she has a crush on him because she talks an awful lot about him. :) We'll see. Julia goes to a Kindergarten at a school across town and rides the bus once again. Matthew thought that he would be riding the bus because Julia gets to, but his bus happens to be daddy. Matthew has been having a hard time adjusting. I was called on Friday to come sit with him because he was crying for about 40 min. I got there and of course he had stopped crying. The teacher (young and new) wanted me to go outside and see him. I said no because he will start crying again. I then asked what the adjustment policy was. She had no idea what I was talking about, so I had to talk with the director. The director and I were on the same page, let him cry a little bit and he will get used to school. If I come and rescue him every time he cries he will learn that crying gets mom. We still have to get used to the schedule. The way it is now I am never alone with Henry except for the time between Julia getting on the bus and me going to get Matthew. I think that is about 1 hr. Henry has been taking 2 naps this week and seems to be sleeping well.
On another note we finished putting Macie's bed together and the girls are sleeping in their bedroom. Julia's bed is due to arrive next Friday or so, and the closet people are coming Monday. Yippee!!!!
Take a look at the living/bedroom. You can now see why we have been living in such a mess for a few weeks now.
Now I have to concentrate on the boys room.
I think that one might just take us longer because Kelly and Scott are now into Football season and will be traveling to all of Brad's games. We are very proud of Brad he has been chosen as Humboldt State's team captain. We get to watch him at the season opener against Sac State on Saturday. Go Jacks!!!!


Anonymous said...

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Janel said...

oh I love the girl's bed and room color. Is Julia getting the same bed? Love the pic of the kids all crossing their arms and Matthew standing the opposite way.

Jenna Lee said...

the bedroom looks so cute!! ilove the back to school pics!! so cute!