Monday, August 18, 2008

Matthew goes to school

Matthew has turned three and Alta Regional has kicked him out of special services because of it. Matthew was receiving speech, physical, and occupational therapy. He no longer gets them and the school district doesn't feel he qualifies for any of these services as well. So, I started looking into pre-schools that might take him. I applied for Head Start and he got in. They will watch him closely and if they feel he is slipping back into needing speech or any other service they will have the school district out to evaluate him. In the mean time he goes to school 5 days a week, 4 hrs a day. Today was his first day and he was tuckered out when he came home. He seemed to like it, but the teacher said that he was very busy. I tried to tell them that, but I guess you just have to experience Matthew for yourself to believe that he has issues. :) I'm sure he will get used to being away from us for that length of time, but today it was a little hard on him. The rest of the gang starts school tomorrow and we went today to meet the teachers. Julia will be in Kindergarten and is very excited. She will once again be riding the bus. I have a very full schedule of events this year. 4 different start times and 3 different ending times. I guess we will get through it. Anyway doesn't our little Matthew look cute. He got new Diego shoes and wanted a Diego outfit, so of course Grandma had to buy him one. :) Here's to a great 2008-2009 school year. Happy 1st day of school!


Janel said...

whoo hoo Stacey now you only have one at home...well for a few hours atleast. Hope the schedule doesn't get too crazy, are they all riding the bus besides Matthew?

Jenna Lee said...

matthew cracks me up! he is such a funny boy! this pictures is so cute! i hope he loves preschool! and you love the break!

DebLawson said...

Happy 1st day to all the kids and good luck with your busy schedule!

You win the busy mom award!