Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 2011 ( You know Valentine's Day )

I now have my camera back.  Yipppeeee!  I found just a few Christmas shots on it and then I took more.  I now have pictures of our new puppy, Buddy, Matthew's first lost tooth, Julia at basket-ball and many from our annual Valentine's dinner.  The gang was very loving yesterday.  I love when they know something is very special and they are almost reverant during the fun time.  It was a very plesant night.  Anyhow here are some shots of our Dec, Jan, and Feb.
The Gang and their new Christmas pajamas from Grandma and Pa.

The Hay House on Christmas morning.  Santa was good to us this year.

Our new puppy, Buddy.  He has grown so much since this first day we had him.

Matthew lost a tooth and there was already a tooth growing behind it.

The love dinner.

Take the shot!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm worth millions!

My brother in law Scott has stated that I am worth lots of money.  You see when I was younger (in my late teens) I was making popcorn I think and burnt down my mom's kitchen.  She got a new kitchen out of the deal and we laugh that if anyone wants a remodel I could come over and cook.  I was then hit by a car 2 1/2 years ago and received a small settlement to cover some of my suffering.  Well, on Christmas day, I tripped over the camcorder cord and hit the ground.  It is on video and Scott thinks it should go to America's Funniest Home Video.  I don't.  :)  After I hit the ground and got up, the Christmas morning festivities started.  I realized that my camera wasn't working well.  I fell with my great Nikon camera in my hands.  I broke the flash.  I thought I could fix it on my own.  I tried, it didn't work, so I took it to a camera repair place.  $220 dollars later it is waiting for me to pick it up.  Maybe I should send the video into AFV and get my repair money back.  :)  I have been out of sorts without my camera.  The kids have done great things and I wasn't able to record any of it.  I don't like blogging without a picture or two of what's been going on.  So hopefully within the next few days I can take some pictures and blog.  One can hope.  :)