Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Baby Signing Time! DVD's

Signing Time! has done it again. They have created 2 more DVD's just for babies. I can't wait to get them then maybe Henry will take off with his signing. We have been working at teaching him some signs, but he has been refusing to sign. The only he will sign is more and by the looks of him he gets plenty of food after signing more. :) Signing Time is having a contest to win the Baby Signing Time! gift set. Check it out and you might be one of the lucky ones. I'm hoping to win, but of course if I don't you can bet that I will be ordering the new ones for the Gang here at the Hay House. Anyway, take a look at these great previews of Baby Signing Time! 3 & 4.


Makita said...

My litttle guy also refuses to sign. He's nearly 4 and says, "I can't." This is common whenever I ask him to try something (Taekwondo, Signing, riding his tricycle or scooter). I'm actually starting to get a little concerned but I try not to push and just say, "Okay. You're not ready yet. Maybe next time."

CC said...

I love Signing Times!! You know, it is still soooooo good for language development to use the signs at home, even if they refuse to sign.