Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Dinner at "Chez Hay"

We celebrated Valentine's Day in our traditional way. Tom and I served the gang a fancy candlelight dinner. They were all a buzz today waiting in anticipation for their LOVE dinner. We served them shrimp cocktail, bread, tomato basil soup, grapes, strawberries, cheesy rice, and London broil. They feasted and we served. We also served sparkling cider. The table looked very pretty and some of the gang dressed up and one member came in his diaper, which happens to be his outfit of choice. He is sooooo cute that I don't really care what he wears as long as he smiles and has fun. We are now getting them ready for bed and then Tom and I will have our Valentine Dinner. We love doing this because we can eat what we want and we don't have to make reservations and get a babysitter. It is Sunday after all. :) It has become such a nice family tradition. I hope the gang knows how much I love them and just how special we think they are. Happy Valentine's to all of you and may your special love treat you well. :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

I Love My Gang!!!!

I just want to let the gang know how much I love them and how much I love being their mom. Valentine's Day is upon us and it's all about the love. I especially love days like the bowling day we had earlier this week.

A few days ago we went to the bowling alley for our family reward. We had made it through the month of January and our clean up after yourself experiement. We actually did it. So we were rewarded Monday night with a game of bowling. Everyone loved since they know how to play because of the fake wii that Santa brought us. Julia thought she would get a spare everytime. It was a lot harder than the fake wii. Matthew did really well and Henry was sad because we didn't let him play. He did take a couple of shots down the alley next to ours but the balls got caught in the gutters. Tom let him take a couple of shots down our alley and he was so excited he jumped up and down yelling "I win, I win".
When we left Matthew cried because he wanted to keep the bowling shoes. He loved them and wanted to wear them to school.