Friday, December 10, 2010

What Have We Been Up To? 2010

Our 2010 Christmas Tree
 Here we are again at the end of a year and I'm writing about our family and what we have been up to.  I can't believe it is that season again.  The children have grown and we are so proud of their accomplishments that we just have to share them with you.  :)  We had a ball as a family this year.  There were 2 big camping trips, many swim meets, more basketball games, some baseball games, alot of doctor visits and appointments with the dentist, and a whole lot of homework, but there were many more laughs, celebrations and good old fashioned fun here at the Hay House.  As mentioned before,  we went on 2 great camping trips.  Our first one of the season was with Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours in Red Bluff Ca.  We had oodles of fun at Woodflock.  After swim season we went to Grover Hot Springs camping.  Many adventures were had on that trip.  We had rain, hail, cold, bears, mountain lions, and sun.  My nephew graduated from Humboldt State and we made a trip to Arcata to celebrate.  Tom and I are still enjoying this parenting gig that we have.  Tom is still in his same job, but his company was sold and he now works for Stantec, a company located in Canada.  He loves being so close to home.  I am continuing my efforts on the home front and love being able to be home when people get out of school.  We are also serving in our church.  Tom is working with the men, and I am working with the Primary children. 
Macie's big news is that she got braces.  We have known for a while and even thought she was getting them last year.  It finally happened and they were put on in November.  They hurt her for a bit, but now she doesn't notice them all that much.  I love seeing her smile with a mouthful of silver.  She is in 6th grade and sings in the school choir.  Macie loves to play basketball and is excited for the new season to start.  She swam for the Loomis Basin Dolphins again this year and had some of her best times.  This was the first year that she swam 50 yard races.  Macie is a very good artist.  She wants to learn to sew so she can draw and create fashion.  We enjoyed watching Project Runway together.

Thomas is in 5th grade, sits on the Student Senate, plays the trombone, and sings in the school choir.  This year he added baseball along with playing basketball, and swimming.  He loved baseball and looks forward to another season this year.  Thomas played for the A's and improved in all areas.  He loves to read and has read all 7 Harry Potter books in 2010.  He is really trying to convince me that the new Harry Potter is an appropriate movie for him to watch even though it is PG 13.  :)  We let him read after the other children go to bed and he is so quiet we often forget that he is in the living room.  He loves this as it gets him an extra 30- 45 min of reading. 
Julia is in 2nd grade and has the privilege of being in a regular ed. classroom along with her special needs Communicative Delayed and Disorder classroom.  Her speech is really coming along and she has become a whiz at her AAC device.  (we call it her talking box).  She played basketball and swam for Loomis Basin Dolphins.  I think she likes the meets and all the socializing and food better than the actual races.   She looks so cute in her cap with Hay on it.  Julia also got to be on the Tri City Little Leagues Challenger baseball team.  She received a trophy which she loves.  Julia is really good at computer games, and playing with her barbies.  She loves the book Pinkalicious.  Pink after all is her favorite color.  :)

Matthew has entered Kindergarten and he loves it.  The first few days of school though he kept asking us if he had to go back.  He is so excited for this new year because he gets to finally play basketball like the rest of the gang, and he will be joining Thomas on the baseball field and play T-Ball.  He is doing well academically in school, but as we all know he is a very high energy child (quoting the teacher :) ).  This year marked the first year that Matthew got to participate in the annual Tony Crane dance.  He danced to Shake It Baby and he was great!

Henry is 3 and is in a speech pre-school through the school district.  He goes to the same school as the others and is there M & W from 8:45-10:15.  He loves it.  We have a group of 7 little boys at church, so the moms got together and started a playschool.  We meet at a different house each Friday and the boys have a blast playing together.    He is working on getting potty trained.  He loves wearing big boy underwear. 

Well, there you have it the Hay House year in review.  We hope you have a terrific Holiday Season and are blessed with a healthy and happy family. 
Merry Christmas!
The Hay Gang
Tom, Stacey, Macie 11, Thomas 10, Julia 7, Matthew 5,
and Henry 3