Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 in Review

The gang doing their thing.
Another year has come to an end, and I wonder where did it go.  If I think real hard I know exactly where it went.  It went to fun times with the gang, homework, basketball games, baseball games, swim meets, camping trips, hanging out with Antsy McClain in Red Bluff, visiting with friends and family, welcoming home Uncle Matt, going to the Dr and dentist, getting a new puppy, and participating in Church activities.  Wow! it sure was a lot.  Here is just a little sampling of what the Hay gang has been up to in 2011.

Buddy at 6 months old.
Buddy - Our newest member of the gang.  We welcomed him to our house last Christmas and he has loved every minute of it.  Even when everybody mauls him.  We have found him with gum, suckers, and drool in his hair.  He loved going on our family camping trip in August, and loves to sleep on the couch.  I need to work on getting him to hang out in the dog bed on the floor.

Finishing off some yummy frosting.
I got a dollar for my birthday!
Henry - We now have an official pre-schooler here.  He goes to Sierra College State Pre-School Monday thru Friday 8-11 a.m.  He loves his teacher, Teacher Joy.  Henry has become quite the entertainer.  He was in the talent show at church where he sang the ABC's.  He could be heard running off stage saying, "That was awesome, can I have a cookie now?" He was the hit of the show. :) He and I are home together for about 4 hours in the afternoons before anyone comes home.  We watch movies, fold clothes, do dishes, and take naps.  (Yea, right)  He loves to help with the cooking.  We think we have a budding chef in our midst. He enjoyed swimming at Grandma's this summer.  He loves it when Pa picks him up from pre-school.  He has even asked me not to pick him up so much. 

Cute as can be and always has something going on.

Loved playing baseball.
Matthew - This year Matthew is in 1st grade.  He is learning to add, subtract, and read.  His handwriting is getting better, and his teachers have nothing but terrific things to say about him.  We are very pleased with his progress.  He still is very funny, and loves to be on the move at all times.  We have recently found him in the tree with an umbrella at the ready.  I wonder when he saw Mary Poppins.  :)  He played basketball and baseball this year.  He is very excited to play basketball and baseball again this year.  We are hoping that he will also be on the swim team with the older kids.  He swam a lot this last summer at Grandma's and became very good at it.  We'll see if he makes the team.  We have a toothless wonder.  He has lost 2 bottom teeth and more recently lost his 2 front teeth.  He now has 2 front half teeth.  Sooooo cute.  :)

Game face on for swim champs!

It's great to be eight!  I got baptized. 
Julia - Our Julia is in the 3rd Grade at Cobblestone School here in Rocklin.  She has been learning cursive, and doing really well at it.  She is now 8 and got baptized on July 2, 2011.  It is great to be eight.  She now gets to go to Activity Days at church and mingle with all the other 8 year old girls and have F U N.  If you know Julia she is all about the fun.  She played basketball last January and February and can't wait to start again.  She also swam for Loomis Basin Dolphins and reached personal best marks.  Way to go Julia.  :)  Buddy is her best bud.  She has taken to him and loves petting and loving on him.  Most of you know that Julia has schizencephaly which causes her to drool.  She has had 5 rounds of botox under her chin.  The neurologist inserts 4 shots each round we do.  She has responded well and has had a better time at school because of not drooling.  She is such a happy child.
First day of 6th grade.

Red Ribbon week at school.
Thomas - We now have a 6th grader in the house.  He loves school and especially loves to read.  This kid has read enough books for AR in school that he has over 150 points so far this year.  He made the honor roll for Parker Whitney this trimester.  We are very pleased with him.  He plays the trombone, sings in the choir (I think he does this for me so I can help direct the choir.  So fun!!!), played spring ball and fall ball this year, played basketball, and swam on the Loomis Basin Dolphin swim team.  He also entered into 11 year old scouts at church and went on an over night camping trip/hike.  He had a ball.  Thomas is a terrific big brother to his little siblings.  They look up to him and he tries to be a good example.  He has discovered that he loves Chinese food, go figure.  :)   Last April Thomas sang with the Parker Whitney Choir at the River Cats baseball game.  They sang the national anthem. 

It wouldn't be champs without the t-shirt.  :)
Being crafty at camp.  Is that a new hair color?
Macie - Macie is now a Sevie.  Macie continues to work on her art and even took an art class from an artist this summer.  She played basketball and swam for LBD.  We were so happy for her when she made all personal best times and even placed 1st in the individual medley in her heat.  She has really become a good swimmer and loves it.  Macie also loves to cook.  She is our resident cookie maker.  Whenever we need a sweet treat she is right there whipping up a batch.  I love watching her do her homework.  She works very hard and always does her best.  We are very proud of the effort she puts forth.  Macie is now officially in Young Women's at church and has the best time socializing with everyone.  She has been called as the Beehive president and has the awesome responsibility of remembering each girl in her class.  When you enter YW's you get to go to girls camp, and this last summer she went as a first year.  I can't begin to tell you all the fun she had.  I will say that the polar bear swim saw Macie every morning.  Good job sister sue.

Big Basin Redwood State Park

My team of swimmers.  :)
Stacey - I have been doing the same thing I always do. You know, drive kids to practice, pick kids up from school, go grocery shopping, laundry, clean the house, prepare meals, plan camping trips, visit with my family, hang out with the kids, clean up after the dog, and swim at my parents pool.  I also joined with my friend and am helping out with the Parker Whitney choir.  I am having a ball.   One of the best things I was able to do this year was go to girls camp with Macie.  I went as a leader of the 16 year olds, but I was able to watch Macie have a great first year experience.  We put in a new floor in our bedroom and painted the walls.  It feels like a re-treat.  Tom and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary come April so we are heading off to Hawaii in February for some fun and relaxation.  Can't wait!  I have been called into Relief Society as an instructor.  That has caused me some anxiety, but I am getting over that.  I just am enjoying this phase of my life and hope that I can continue to stay home and care for the family.  I truly am happy that I can be the one the kids come home to in the afternoon after school. 

Putting in our new floor.

Who's that gangster?
Tom - Continues to work for Stantec Consulting.  We are so happy that he has a job and that it is here in Rocklin.  Tom was in Daddy's heaven this year as he was able to watch 2 of his boys play baseball.  He did a lot of coaching of Thomas, and gave Matthew pointers as well.  He is still in the Elder's Quorum at Church, and loves to go to Antsy McClain concerts.  We don't know where we would be without Tom for our camping trips.  He is the trailer packer extraordinaire.  He was the assistant coach for Macie's basketball team last January and February.  Tom put a new floor in our bedroom.  It only took about 4 weeks for him to finish, which for us is fantastic.  We also had a fabulous garden once again because of Tom.  He plants, tends, and harvests all of our veggies.  The dog had a great time in the garden this year and was a constant irritant to Tom.  He had to find ways to keep Buddy out of our tomatoes.  :)
Merry Christmas from the Hay Gang!

If you have gotten this far you are indeed a good friend or a beloved family member.  We love you and wish nothing but a great Christmas for you and your family.  Our family is so very blessed and we hope that you can feel those same blessings of love and family this time of year.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  2012 here we come!  :)