Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Christmas Eve in our new PJ's from Gram
We had a terrific Christmas and New Year's holidays. Christmas was great because all of us were able to be here at the Hay house for the unwrapping palooza (aka chaos). We had breakfast of our traditional sitcky buns, and egg/hashbrown casserole. We played with our new "toys" and then went to Grams and Pas for a feast. Tom was able to be home the whole week after Christmas. He played 2 days of golf and went the Emerald bowl game with mom and dad. Thomas was lucky enough to go with him on one of his golfing days and tot he bowl game. We had freinds over for New Year's eve and played games and ate and ate. Everyone stayed up until midnight except Henry. He just couldn't take anymore and put himself to bed. On New Year's Day we went to Chuuch and then had the Watford's and Phil Vassion over for dinner. It has been a great week even if I was sick for most of it (insert cough here:) ). Here are a few pictures of our good times.

Our Stockings

Look what Santa brought!

Santa brought bikes too!

Waiting for the kids to enter the palooza.

The whole Chappell clan.  Do you see Uncle Matt?

The Hay gang!

My new PJ's that Buddy got me.

Henry is ready with a lot of his loot.

Thomas got a kindle.

Purple was Macie's theme this year.