Friday, November 16, 2007

The Holiday Picture

Well, I have to say that this year I am a bit early on the annual Hay Gang picture. I usually like to do the pictures in December because let's face it that is the Christmas season, but I realize that getting 5 kids beautiful and smiling during December might be bit crazy. I had the picture take last year at the end of November, I just hope I don't start taking the picture in July. :) As you can tell this picture is a classic. Matthew took one step into the portrait room and said to himself "how can I make this a memorable night? Let's see I can run around screaming no at the top of my lungs, I can make silly faces, I can lay down on the floor and roll to my back while screaming. I think any of those would be great. How about I do them all?" We got this shot and I thought for sure that would be all I get, but the photographer was fab. She was able to get a group shot with Matthew looking half way decent. I like to have little groups within the big group. I got the girls, boys, big kids and little kids. I was thrilled. Julia held Henry in the little kids picture, she had to hold him a long time due to Matthew trying his tricks out. All of a sudden we heard a thud and Henry was on the floor screaming. Julia was done. The picture of the boys Thomas held Matthew tight and held Henry who was screaming due to the floor incident. Our tradition is that we take the picture and then go out to dinner. I was so exhausted that we just went to the food court in the Mall and they had McDonald's. The Gang had no problem with that. I guess the Season has begun for the Hay family. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love those sweet, cute smiling faces.
The Bigs

The Littles

The Brothers

The Sisters

Thursday, November 15, 2007


We love Signing Time! The kids are going to share these new signs at our family Thanksgiving in Oregon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

5 months old

Our little Henry is 5 months old. He is such a giggly smiley little boy. He keeps us laughing with all his giggling. I love this picture because as I was trying to take it he couldn't see my face and he was frowning, but once I moved the camera away from my face he would see me and smile. Of course, when I moved the camera I was not able to get his picture framed correctly. I will get the hang of it my camera is new to me, I got it for my birthday in July. It is a Nikon D40. I love it.

Where is my mama?

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween October, 2007

The Hay Gang getting ready to Trick or Treat up the neighborhood. They were very excited to see all the neighbors. We also went over to Grandma and Pa's neighborhood trick or treating. Pooh thought it was great that people would open their doors up and pass out candy. He even walked into a few homes. He was so cute that people would just let him into their homes. The gang would sign and say "Thank You" when they left people's homes. All in all it was a great night.