Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Woodflock 2010

It has been about 3 weeks since we, the Hay Gang, have gone to Woodflock. For those of you who don't know, Woodflock was a camping experience for Flamingo Heads. Yes, we are flamingo heads. Antsy McClain and his Trailer Park Troubadours went to Red Bluff Ca for Memorial Day Weekend bash of camping, eating, singing, laughing, and making new friends. The kids had a ball and we grown ups had a great time talking with our fellow flamingo heads and hanging with the lead singer guy, Antsy. There wasn't a dull moment. I never had to really worry about the kids because let's face it we all know that it takes a trailer park to raise a child. :) Antsy brought his wife, Polly, and son, Grantsy, and a friend, Lorrinda all the way from Tennessee. My kids had an absolute ball hanging our with Grant. He was such a trouper, I'm sure I owe him lost of bucks for taking care of the gang. There were about 10 kids total and I had 5 of them. Good Times. We really can't wait until we get to go to Woodflock 2011. We had so much fun around the campfire with Antsy and Uncle Fred. Uncle Fred kept the children entertained until Antsy and friends started performing. Just think we were treated to 3 nights of fabulous music and friendship. Every night Antsy had different people singing and playing guitar with him. One night our friend Mike(Chigger) played his guitar painted by Antsy. During the day people played guitar with Fred Murray (85) who played with Antsy Friday and Sat. nights. One of the Woodflockers even brought his denim devil to show. The kids made friends with the Stewart family and with Kimberly, who was there with her Grandmother and Grandfather. I really enjoyed visiting with Polly, Lorrinda, Lisa, Cathy, and Ione. There were so many more people that I talked with and enjoyed getting to know. I'm sure at the next concert we will all meet and it will be like family seeing one another. We all left with hugs and smiles and wishes of safe returns home. It was such like a family reunion except we didn't have the reunion typed talent show. I think that would be a blast or have a type of karaoke to Antsy songs. They are talking about that one on the message boards. We arrived at Woodflock with a trailer full of camping gear, food, bikes, and enough flamingo decor to decorate a small mansion. We left with a trailer full of gear, and happy memories. I hope you can get the idea of how much fun we had through these pictures. My camera battery died and our friend Ione loaned us her disposable camera. I'm sure there are good shots on it as well, but I haven't had time to take it to get developed. I will add those pictures when they become available.