Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's a Scam

Well, I am a victim of a scam. I recently have found a site called Cafemom where you can connect with other moms that have your same interests. I joined a group called Thrifty Moms and was excited when I saw a post about cheap diapers. Now, I am always looking for a deal. With a family of 7 I need to save money where I can. The site looked legit to me and the price was incredible (my first mistake was believing I could get diapers for that price). I place an order and was blissfully happy about another day of saving our family some dough. Well I read about it being a scam on Thrifty Moms the next day and I went into a panic. I called the company and of course, there was no one answering just a machine. I left a message, and I think it wasn't a very nice one at that. Anyway more moms are posting about it being a fraud so I cancel my credit card and report the company to the security company they are using. I think they are using the security company fraudulently. I am going to also report them to an Internet Crime Complaint site. American Express has been very helpful. I'm just mad that the company has my name and address. We learn from our mistakes. The lesson I learned is to be more vigilant in researching a company before I purchase and not be sucked in by too good to be true prices. Here's to getting good deals in the future. :)
I am not going to post the company name here because I don't want to give them any sort of advertisement. If you want to know who they are email me and I will let you know. Happy bargain hunting.


Kei said...

Well that stinks! Several months ago I had a message from a company asking me to call them to confirm a purchase. when I talked to the gentleman, he said their company always calls to confirm orders made with a card that is being shipped to a different address than the billing one. Then I called my bank to get a different card.

Nice that your group was quickly getting the word out that it was a fraud!

taylorcamel said...

So sorry this happened. At least you caught it. Thanks for spreading the word.