Sunday, September 16, 2007

More Supervision Needed, Right?

Yesterday was the day Tom and I decided that the car needed to move back into the garage. For close to a year now we haven't been able to put the car in the garage due to us storing furniture for other people, moving beds in and out of the house, and using the garage as the cardboard dumping ground of the Hay House. We started work around 9:00 a.m. and set about putting things out front to sell to the traffic that passes by our house. We usually do very well at this, but yesterday we only sold one item. We must have some real junk this time. :) We then packed Tom's truck he borrowed from work full of dump items and he went to the dump. When he came home we packed the truck up with items to take to DI (a local second hand store run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) and then back to the dump to dump a computer. While he was gone I rearranged the shed giving us more room, folded laundry and fed the kids. Then we cleaned the garage and the van finally moved back into its home. We can't believe that it is back there. In fact, someone at church today said that he thought we were out of town because he didn't see our van out front on his way to church. We showed him. :)
Anyway while this was going on you might want to know where the Hay Gang was. Well, they were out front with us picking up apples that had fallen from the tree, playing in the driveway and Henry was in the stroller. They were in the front and then in the back playing basketball, riding moving toys, and just being kids. When we came into the house at one point we found Matthew looking like thisAdd Image

We also found marking pen (supposedly washable) on the walls and tile floor. We got it off the walls and floor, but Matthew well, that was a different story. I dressed him today in a little suit and cute dress shoes thinking people would look past the war paint and focus on the cute little man. No such luck. He was noticed and he just smiled at everyone who snickered his way. What a little rascal. We are very fortunate that nothing more happened. The lesson learned? Never let a 2 year old know where the markers are kept. Anyway lucky us we have a car in the garage and a little boy with fading war paint. Oh, happy day!!!!!!


Snuggle Puppy's Mom said...

oh colorful!

Kei said...

Oh, the things kids get into.