Friday, September 14, 2007

It Does Get Better

Another week goes by and nothing major has happened just regular Hay House stuff. I ended up working for my cousin, Melynda on Sat. and had a great time talking and working with her. We found out that the car will cost $1600 dollars so poor Tom has to put up with the Saturn a few more years. $1600 is a whole lot cheaper than buying a new car. He was thinking that now with the Saturn out of commission he might be able to get a good ole used truck but no such luck. Tuesday we had a visit from our adoption agency and I found out about it on Monday so we kicked into high gear around here. The house was very livable and the floors were no longer sticky, yeah. :) Julia started her new ballet class on Monday afternoons and had a ball, Matthew went to his physical therapy and had the speech teacher come to our home. On Thursday I went to a co-op pre-school and shared a lesson on sign language with them. I taught 3 little boys how to use their manners. We learned about "Magic Words", please, thank you, sharing, your turn, and my turn. These little boys are friends of Julia's and I hope that as I continue to teach them they can communicate more with her. She loves it when people attempt to sign with her.
There is a piece of news that we at the Hay House would love to share, we got our new Signing Time! DVD's and they are everything the gang had hoped they would be. Look for us at Birthday parties to sign Happy Birthday, party, candles, wish, and the all important cake signs. We can't wait for those party invites (we learned that word as well). :)
My niece, Emily, babysat for me today as I went and got Julia a new mattress for her bottom bunk, and I started the, shh don't tell the kids, Christmas shopping. I had a great time being out on a school day all by my self. Thanks Emily.
Well, the Hay Gang had a good week and it does get better, thank heaven.


Kei said...

Yay!!!! Sounds like it's been a great week!
We got our new Signing Time dvds the other day too. William is absolutely fixated on the Birthday one. He sat there and watched, signed and sang along 3 times through the first time we popped it in!

Snuggle Puppy's Mom said...

you go girl! Us moms need some shopping days to ourself!