Sunday, September 23, 2007

Let's all cheer for Football !!!!!

My nephew, Brad, goes to Humboldt State University and plays football there. He played last year at American River Jr. College and now he is on to a four year university. He left for Arcata at the beginning of August and our gang hasn't seen him since then. Well, we got the opportunity this weekend to go to his game at Menlo College in Menlo Park and we took it. We left Friday night and spent the night at a hotel. We stayed in the same hotel as the team, his parents, and my mom and dad. The Hay gang had a ball, and they were so happy to see Boppy aka Brad. They swam and had sleepovers in Auntie's room and Gram's room. It was a fun game, Humboldt won!!! This was their first win this season so it was a good day. Brad did really well. We couldn't believe how big and strong he is. He had a sack and some tackles. Yippee, Brad. The best part, to me, about Brad playing for Humboldt is that my dad played for Humboldt and I was born while he was a student player. He then went on to coach for Humboldt. My family lived in Eureka for 13 years before we moved. We are taking the gang to the Humboldt homecoming game in Oct. I'm excited because I get to show the gang where I grew up and maybe take them to the beach as well as getting to see Brad and his dorm room. It will be fun for the kids to see Brad in his new environment. I'm hoping that they see college as a place that they will want to go someday. It is never too early to start the college planning. :)

Jacks Fans!!!!

Pa, Brad's Nana, Gram , me, Henry, Tom, Ali's friend Ashley, Matthew, Uncle, Boppy, Auntie,

Thomas, Emily, Macie, Ali


Uncle, future Jack Matthew, Boppy

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taylorcamel said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Football is always even more fun when your team wins.