Saturday, September 8, 2007

Can it get any worse?

Yesterday, Friday, was a strange and crazy day. Matthew woke up at 5:00a.m. and I gave him Motrin and water. He was burning up. We think he is getting some new teeth. Tom got up with Henry around that same time and fed him. We got back to sleep around 5:45. Now, were not sure when it actually happened, but Matthew's nose started bleeding. He has been having bloody noses for a few months now, and we have seen the ENT and our ped. Dr. They have told us just to wait and see what happens. We woke up to blood all over the floor, sheets, and our bedroom door. I tried for 2 1/2 hours to stop the bleeding. Meanwhile I had to call a friend to pick up Macie and Thomas for school, put Julia on the bus, and feed Henry. I called and made an appointment with his Dr. and tried the ENT. Of course, on the way to the Dr. the bleeding stopped. I had dropped Henry off at a friends and I went to pick him up. Then I took the kids and went to K-Mart to pick up an outfit that I needed to wear because I was working for my cousin who owns a restaurant. I was going to help cater an anniversary party. Tom came home at 2:00 so I could rush up to Auburn to get to Strings by 2:30. Then it happened, Tom's car stopped with me in it on the Freeway. I was almost to Newcastle. I called Melynda and told her that I wouldn't be at the event. I was very bummed. The cars were whizzing by me while I was waiting for the tow truck. With AAA you can only be towed 5 miles well, it ended up being 9 miles to our automotive guy. I had to pay $36 for the tow. We still don't know how much the car will be. I got home and collapsed it had been a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
Tomorrow can only get better. We rented a movie and made a good dinner and had an at home date after the kids went to bed. We saw Premonition and thought it was good, strange but good.
Anyway here's to better days. Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya Tomorrow, you're only a day a way.


Aunt Jacci said...

Oh Boy!!! Bad day, bad day!!!
Hope Matthew is doing better.
Whats with the bloody nose?

Kei said...

What a rough day! I hope it's been easy going since then.
Hugs, Kei

taylorcamel said...

Sorry you had a bad day. Hope things are looking up.