Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Hay Gang Doing Their Thing

We, the Hay Gang, do have a lot to do. Saturday started out with us getting the whole gang to the El Dorado Hills swim meet by 6:40 in the am. The kids had to check in by 7:00 and we didn't want to miss check in. Macie and Thomas both got to swim 5 races and Julia got to swim 2. She was supposed to be in a relay, but 2 children scratched and her relay got axed. I was more disappointed than her. Oh, well. Auntie, Uncle, Grandma, Pa and Ali all came to watch the swimming wonders. :)

After the meet Auntie and Uncle went to Costco and got pizzas and we all met at the Folsom City Park to celebrate Henry's birthday. Henry loved it at the park. It is situated right next to the Folsom Zoo and there are many chickens running around. Henry found great delight in chasing the chickens. Auntie got Henry a swim suit and a cute hat and shirt. We went home to rest and then Macie went to her friend Kyla's dance show. She had a ball. I took Julia to the urgent care office due to the fact that she was coughing and sounded horrible. She just has an upper respitory virus. Last week Henry went to the doctor and he had a double ear infection with his left ear drum being brust. I felt like a horrible mother. So I was worried that Julia might meet the same fate, but no she has been cleared to start summber school tomorrow. Yippee!

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