Friday, June 19, 2009

A Funtastic Day! :)

We got Julia up and at em yesterday and sent her to school on the school bus. She was going to therapy by bus and I needed to pick her up from there. I hurried around the house with housework and floor mopping. The kids helped with the dishes and Macie got a call from a friend to go to sunsplash. I said ok and bought her an online ticket. The friend was picking her up at noon. Julia needed to be picked up at noon and I need to leave to go with my to see an aftertoon performance of Forever Plaid. I also tried to get a babysitter for the days events and as luck would have it this week is girls camp in our stake so no young women available for sitting with my gang. I asked around and there is a returned missionary who doesn't have a job that might be available to sit for me. Mind you I have never met him, but I call anyway and he will do it. He was set to come and watch the gang at noon as well. My mom picked me up, the sitter came, and Macie was waiting for her friend to arrive. I left and never thought about it again until after the play. My dad went to pick up Julia and they weren't going to let him because I hadn't told them about it. I couldn't believe I had forgotten that little bit of the plan. They called home, but I wasn't there so the therapist let Macie say it was ok for that man (grandpa) to take Julia home. Tom arrived home at 4 and started getting everyone ready for the River Cats game that we were going to that night. He even fed them a little dinner. Tom's work got free tickets and we got some for Gram, Pa, Auntie and Emily. One problem though Macie wasn't home from her fun filled day at Sunsplash. What to do? I know go get her from Sunsplas. How hard could that be, right? The place was packed and they don't allow you in unless you pay. I did some sweet talking and I was permitted in to look for her. I finally found her after about 10 min. Not bad considering all the people that were there. She wasn't happy to have to go home. Tom met us at my mom's Macie changed clothes and off to the game we went. The game was fun and the seats were great. In fact, Tom caught the first foul ball of the night. Go Tom. The kids were so proud that their dad caught a ball. Smiles on everyone. Then Henry was acting up so I took him walking the park. The camera guy filmed us and the family saw us on the big TV in the park. How fun! We are just resting today, in fact, Macie is still asleep and Julia is already at school, Tom went to work and I'm doing laundry. I guess we might get to resting tonight. :)

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