Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my Dad and my husband, who is a great father to our children. We had a nice day with us getting up and making Daddy a breakfast fit of a king. The kids loved it and it was really fun eating breakfast together at the table. We then got ready for church and headed there. The 4 oldest kids were to sing with all the other primary children to their Dads for Father's Day. I say were because Matthew went up on the stand and looked out and said or should I say yelled I don't want to sing. He was brought to me and I picked him up and escorted him out of the chapel. He then, on the way out, yelled I want to sing, I want to sing. Well he had already been up there and I wasn't going thru that agian so no you don't get to sing to Daddy. Oh, well maybe next time. :)
We then went to Grandma and Pa's for dinner. Pa was making his own Father's Day dinner which consisted of spaghetti, ribs, potato salad, watermelon and homemade ice cream made by the Hay gang. What a yummy dinner and surprisingly the gang loved it and ate many ribs. While at Grandma and Pa's Henry decided he had lots of work to do. These pictures show just how "busy" he was. :)

Everyone else had loads of fun hanging out and eating at Grandma and Pa's. We ate berries off the raspberry bush and Emily did toenails and fingernails. Even Matthew got into the act.
I love my Dad and am so blessed to have him. He is the best. He is always looking out for us and taking care of us. He is also up for any fun adventure that we try and think up. I am also very blessed to have Tom. He is a great husband and the kids love their daddy. He, too, is up for fun times, but mainly he loves to wrestle and have dance parties with the gang. They love having the dance parties and watching America's Funniest Home Videos with him. He also has taught them many fun songs that they just bust out and we smile at each other and can't believe they actually sing and like those songs. All in all it was a fun day.

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