Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another Summer Adventure! Six Flags

Well, yesterday we went to Six Flags with Grandma, Auntie, Uncle, Emily, Ali and Ashley. Grandpa stayed home with Henry. Thank heaven Henry didn't come. We wouldn't have had as much fun. Sorry Henry, but you are 2 and quite the runner. We would have had to lock him in the stroller and he wouldn't have liked that at all. We saw the whale show, dolphin show, visited the butterfly house (man was it hot in there), experienced the shark experience, saw walrus', petted a sting ray, rode lots of fun rides, drank soda and ate popcorn and cotton candy. What a time we had!!!! I had packed a lunch and dinner. We fed the kids before we went into the park and then fed them after we came out. They were troopers to wait until 8 for dinner, and walk the many miles we walked. Ali took Macie on many of the "scary" rides. Thank heaven I didn't know about it because I would have been very nervous. Thomas helped me out with the two little kids and rode rides with them. We didn't get home until after 10 with Julia and Matthew snoring away in the back seat. Matthew had a great day of potty training. He is now able to say when he has to go, well all except number 2. He does withhold it until he gets home. We have had 2 accidents today. He just won't go in the toilet. Oh well, he is getting there. It was hot yesterday, but not as hot as the previous few days. Wonder what summer adventure awaits us next week? :)

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