Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4th of July

What a blessing to live in America. Even with things the way they are we are truly blessed to live here. We went to the parade in Grass Valley. This has been a family tradition for many many years. My mother and father used to go to this parade when they were little, and when I was little we tried to go as much as possible. Of course, when we moved to Roseville 33 years ago we started going every year. Now we take out little gang to the parade and they love it. It wasn't too hot this year and we enjoyed it more than in years past. Then we went to Aunt Jacci's for some after parade food. We feasted and visited with cousins and played. Then onto to home and a great BBQ dinner and home made chocolate ice cream. And who could forget the fireworks. Matthew had a ball this year. He was literally break dancing in the street. We laughed and laughed at his performance. He is quite good despite it being so funny. I think I love the 4th of July so much because it is so close to my birthday and as a child I would anticipate my birthday with such excitement. What better way to start the it's my birthday coming up mantra then with a big celebration. It is also in the middle of the summer and summer is full of adventure and fun. Anyway I hope you all had a Happy 4th and I can't wait until my birthday. :)
The Hay gang before we went to the parade.
Henry enjoying some Grandma time.
The gang and their 2nd cousins. My cousin Shae has 4 children and here are 3 of them with our gang. Charlotte, Landon, and Ava.
Sparklers anyone? The gang loved doing sparklers. I remember loving those as a child also. F U N

One of our fantastic fireworks. :)


Carie said...

You have a beautiful family. I admire moms with more than I have--I struggle with just the 3!

I am a wife, a mother, and a graduate student. I’m currently researching mommy blogs, and I found your blog. I would appreciate your input about why you blog! If you would participate, please visit my blog——and answer my questions in your comment.

Thank you, and God bless you.

DebLawson said...

Just got updated on the Hay Gang!! FUn stuff, I am most envious at all the things you are constantly doing! At the moment I am down with the morning sickness and I feel like a horrible mom. we are doing swim lessons this week! that's something, right?

You are always doing fun things with the kids! You are so lucky to have so much family around to join in the fun!

Fun times!!