Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas Trees

We had a terrific Thanksgiving. The new picture at the top of the blog was taken at Thanksgiving. We very rarely have family pictures so this was a favorite for me. We ate and laughed and talked with our big extended family. I think the final count for dinner was 53, and if you can believe it that is not all of us. We left the gathering with full bellies and tired eyes. Got home and put everyone to bed and then I went because I was getting up early to go to BLACK FRIDAY. Yipppeee!! My mom and dad went with me and helped me get the items I wanted. I know that I said I was done, but who can resist a few last min. items at good prices. I even got a couple of things for birthdays coming up. I came home and got the gang ready to go to Costco where we got our Christmas tree. This year we got a Noble Fir. I love how green and piney smelling it is. Kelly and Scott and gang were with us as well. They got a huge tree. Costco is such a great value. Brad even got one to go back to school with. He won't be coming home this year for Christmas and we won't see him until his graduation in May. He will be working this year over the Christmas break. We also got our annual Christmas tree getting picture. We are in typical Hay form for the picture and we got a picture of everyone together. It might be our last year for the Christmas Tree adventure.

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