Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Tree, A Parade, and A Snow

We here at the Hay House are officially in the Christmas Spirit. We have out tree up and that brings the Christmas season to us. We decorated the tree for family home evening last week. Of course, it wouldn't be a Hay House Christmas without something going wrong. I had bought 2 strings of lights at Costco and while hanging them on the tree we realize that we need more. I run to Costco with the girls and yes, you guessed it, they are completely out of what I needed. So the girls and I decide to go to K-Mart. I buy 4 more boxes, bring them home, and Tom hangs them. We have the tree lighting time and the lights are two different colors of white. Who knew that could happen. Then the kids got to stay up late and decorate. Once again this year we only put the kids ornaments on the tree. It is so pretty and they love seeing their ornaments on it. Saturday night we were in the Auburn Festival of Lights Parade. It was very cold and we got to ride on the Head Start School Bus singing songs, hanging out the windows yelling Merry Christmas. We did this because Matthew goes to Head Start. He loved that the night was all about him. Then on Sunday night we had snow. The gang couldn't believe it that it actually snowed in Rocklin. It has been very cold the last few nights. Things have frozen and some people are without power. We are busy getting everything ready for Christmas to come.

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