Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Little Update

Hi everyone, A lot has been going on around here in the last month since I posted. I am very grateful for my family and all the challenges and joys that they bring. We have been knee deep into homework, violin, chior, swim lessons, and school. The month has just flown by. I am officially done with christmas shopping and looking forward to wrapping and getting the tree up. I love Thanksgiving with all the promise of the holiday season. This year we will be having dinner with 48 members of our extended family at my cousins restaurant. We have done this the last few years and it is terrific. A proffessional kitchen, restaurant dish washer, togo containers make it all very easy for us all to enjoy ourselves. Everyone brings something to contribute to the dinner and the feasting begins. I plan on going to black friday again this year, even though I am done christmas shopping it should be fun. :) I met with the kids teachers for parent teacher conferences. The gang is doing well and we can look forward to learning much more in the year to come. Macie and Thomas sang at the Veteran's Day ceremony at the city cemetary. I took Macie and Henry to visit Matt and we had a good visit. We are now getting ready to go to the church for tithing settlement. I now need to make sure that everyone has shoes, socks, and clothes on. :)

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The Cluffs said...

You are amazing!! You keep it all together with your busy family AND have your Christmas shopping done!