Friday, May 29, 2009

Nothing Much

Memorial Day May 23, 2009

Today is Friday and the school children are off to school, well we are waiting for Julia's bus. The little boys and I are going to Costco to stock up on food to eat at swim meets. We have our first official swim meet tomorrow. Julia seems a little nervous, but I'm sure she will do fine. Auntie and Brad are coming to watch and the big kids are amped up to do well for them. Yesterday we had the dishwasher fixed. Funny how an otter pop wrapper clogged it up. ? The big kids have been incharge of loading and unloading. I think a lesson in how to rinse before you load is in order. :) It has been very hot lately and I have the house all closed up, blinds closed and curtains drawn. I'm hoping that will keep us a little bit cooler.
Bus is here gotta run. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I just thought I's check in and say Hey! You have been sooo busy blogging. I am glad because I really have missed a lot this Spring. Working and working out are such time consuming affairs. I hope to be around more this summer. We are out in 2 days :). The kids look like they are always having fun. I know you're tired but I hope you're happy/content. I hadn't heard about the plumbing or the dishwasher! Hope to talk to you soon. Say Hi to all of the people for me. Love Auntie

Anonymous said...

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