Monday, October 29, 2007

A Cheerleader, A Football Player, Cinderella, Pooh Bear and A Dragon

The Gang went to a Halloween Carnival at Church. It is an annual event. Our ward usually has the carnival with the annual chili cook-off and dessert cook-off. The kids were so happy to sport their costumes before the official Halloween Day. Macie sported my old cheer leading outfit that I wore my senior year (I graduated in 1981). We had to pin it of course. Thomas wore a niners outfit that we borrowed from our friends the Bates', and Julia became Cinderella (Santa brought her the outfit for Christmas). Matthew also borrowed the Winnie the Pooh outfit from our friends, and Henry went as a little dragon. It was very warm and summer like on Sat., so the kids were hot in their outfits. They sure looked cute. I snapped one picture of the gang and Matthew decided that that was enough. I only got him by himself and then the other four together. Tonight we made lollipop ghosts out of tootsie pops, paper towels, tape, and drew faces on them. We made a bunch to pass out on Halloween. I'm not sure I will get a better picture than this one. I think it's sure cute. At the carnival they ate cotton candy, participated in the cake walk and each one won a plate of cupcakes and cookies, they touched shrunken head, troll eyes, octopus tentacles, and wet stuff, whacked a deacon (aka whack a mole), and had oodles and oodles of candy and fun. I'm sure it will be a blast next year as well.
Matthew as Winnie the Pooh and the Gang having fun before the carnival.
Macie, Henry, Thomas, and Julia


Snuggle Puppy's Mom said...

very cute. My kids keep changing their minds on what they will wear or my 4 yr old changes his mind and doesn't want to wear a costume at all. Thank goodness for borrowed or homemade costumes, I would go broke at this rate!

DebLawson said...

such cute costumes...

Sorry about you getting hit by a car... what the heck!? Who hit you? what a horrible thing that happened to you. How are you feeling these days? Are you able to function being broken?
Sorry I'm not close by to help you out... 'cause you know I would if I could!
Please keep me posted!