Monday, October 15, 2007

Adventures of the Hay Gang

This weekend started out innocently enough. We sent on a road trip to my nephews football game. Brad plays for Humboldt State University and we just had to go to a home game. I grew up in Eureka and his school is in Arcata. So we hit the road. Of course we didn't get out at the time we had hoped. We left a half hour later than planned. The trip up was great, the kids behaved and we stopped for gas and a picnic. Then onto to the hotel. (Thank heaven for travel DVD players). During our ride we saw Princess Diaries, National Treasure and the family favorite Signing Time! Happy Birthday to You. The weekend was fun. We swam in the heated indoor/outdoor pool, went sight seeing, found shells on the beach, and saw the house that mommy lived in when she was a girl. Brad's team lost, but at the game there were 2 jumpy houses and the gang jumped for 3 solid hours. They slept great Saturday night. Tom and I even got to sit and talk while we ate a hamburger (quietly of course), but it was nice. Sunday we got to go see Brad's dorm room. Wow, Humboldt sure does dorm rooms great. His room has a kitchen and a living room, along with a bathroom and bedrooms. He has it made in the shade. Then the real adventure began. My Dad noticed that we had a tire that was low on air. We filled it and headed home. We stopped for gas and had to fill it again. Tom thought we should be okay getting home. Well we got around Clear Lake and Julia threw up in the middle of nowhere. We cleaned her up and a highway patrol came by and said that we should probably change the tire. What???!!!??? In the middle of nowhere. We had a spare and we pulled off the main road to change the tire. Tom did all the changing and I fed the gang and had people go potty. All while this was going on we were on the look out for Grandma and Pa. They were about 45 mins. behind us and we were hoping to see them so they could stop and be apart of our adventure. As it turns out we missed them and they missed us, but when we got going again they turned around and followed us home. We were going very slow and people were passing us left and right. The kids has fun with this adventure as well. On the way home we watched Charlotte's Web. Good luck Boppy on your other games. Hopefully we'll see you play next year. We look forward to another Hay Gang Adventure. :)
Matthew having the time of his life in the jumpy house. The flat tire fit in the middle of Julia and Henry.

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