Monday, August 27, 2007

A Fun Day

We worked in the yard all morning and into the afternoon on Saturday. With the new baby and all we haven't been able to do much yard work or any clean up work for that matter. The last time the lawn was mowed was 2 months ago when my nephew mowed it as a surprise for us. We were very tired and hot when the work was completed. The yard and patio looked so great that we BBQ some chicken and then Tom filled up a little kiddie pool we had. It was a huge surprise for the kids. When they saw the pool they started jumping around and wanted to get in immediately, but we made everyone wait until after dinner. Tom had also gone to the grocery store before dinner and bought some ice cream which is a staple in this family. He made the gang milkshakes to drink out on the patio while playing in the pool. A big game of Simon Says was played and Julia was the grand champion. Of course, we had to play many more times to see if there might be anymore grand champions, but they didn't seem to do as well as the first time. Tom had to go through a lot of instructions before he got any of them the first time, but the times after he got them on the first try. Anyway, it was a fun filled day and Julia just kept signing swim over and over of course with the word now signed with emphasis. She can be very demanding. :) The Hay House had a fun family work day. Here are some pictures of the action.
Matthew looking cute and having fun in the backyard.
Henry kicking back and having his usual 6 ouncer.
The Simon Says game. Who will be out first? Uh Oh where's Thomas is he out? :)
Julia, the Hay House Simon Says grand champion.

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Kei said...

I love the looks on everyone's faces. So pure, so fun, so happy. It sounds like a fun day, a great day.