Friday, August 10, 2007

Fun at the Music Circus

Yesterday Tom and I took the three older kids to the Music Circus to see Annie. Wow! did we have a good time. It took us awhile to get there though. In the morning I had to do the therapy thing. Matthew and Julia had their physical therapy appts. and then Matthew had speech. I had "worked" a full day before the babysitter arrived at 1:00p.m. to take care of Matthew and Henry. Anyway we left and got to the theatre and Macie and Thomas started saying they couldn't see. Of course, the play hadn't even started. Once it started they could see beautifully. Julia was the one that had a hard time. She got scared of the dark in the theatre and she couldn't seem to get past how mean Miss Hannigan was. She kept signing home and go to me. I bribed her with candy at intermission, but then she threw in the potty sign and I had to take her out. While in the hallway, we had to wait through 3 songs before intermission, we saw a lot of the cast go by us and they waved at her. We even saw Annie herself walk by. That really perked Julia up and she was happy to stay through the rest of the show. Although she virtually beat me up during the second act. Julia decided that sitting still wasn't necessary so she was all over me. After the show we went to Spaghetti Factory for dinner and we even got to sit in the Trolley Car. It was fun eating dinner without having to worry about little babies. Grandma treated us to the show. She was going to go with us, but she ended up being out of town. We called her and told her how much fun we had.


Snuggle Puppy's Mom said...

sounds like the Hays had an interesting time!

Kei said...

Sounds like fun~ it's so cool that you & Julia got to see some of the cast!