Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Haircuts

My boys with their ears lowered.  :)
My dad takes the boys one by one to the barber when they need new cuts.  Today is the day.  He took Henry this morning and Matthew after Kindergarten.  He is picking Thomas up from school and taking him.  What a great Pa.  I think it will be a special time each boy will remember having with his Pa.  Henry is pretty funny I guess at the barber.  No matter who's turn it is once Henry has walked into the shop it is his.  He waits for the next chair and climbs in.  All the men in the shop get a big kick out of it.  Parker Whitney is having school pictures tomorrow so I'm glad Dad took them today to get their new do's for school pictures.  I'm even going to have Henry take a school picture, he is in pre-school after all.  :)

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