Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Snow Day

No, it didn't snow here in Rocklin. We are on Spring Break so I thought wouldn't it be great to go play and sled in the snow. Now, Tom works so this little family memory making outing was up to me to pull off alone. Or was it? Pa decided he wanted to go with us. We went through all the snow gear last night and low and behold we had enough stuff to clothe everyone for the snow. The only item we were missing was a pair of snow boots for Macie. We quickly borrowed them from some friends and our trip was on. Today I made a picnic lunch and packed drinks and snacks and loaded up the van and off we went. Pa drove and I managed the gang in the back. We drove and drove and drove finally finding enough clean snow to sled in up near Donner Lake. (Next year we plan on going up in January :) ) The kids had a great time playing in the snow, throwing snowballs, and sledding. Then we changed clothes and headed back home. We stopped along the road and ate the lunch. I would say many happy memories were made today. Henry really had a ball after all, it was his first time seeing snow. Macie was terrific with him today and helped him up and down the little sledding hill. As I sit here writing this it is raining outside so I'm sure it is raining or snowing up the mountain. I didn't get any sledding pictures because of all the help the kids needed. Pa pushed them down the hill and I took care of getting the sleds up the hill.
What is this cold icy stuff?
Macie and Julia building a snowman.
Pa could you help me with my gloves?
Is this a snowball fight? :)
Thomas found himself a fortress.
Matthew spent a lot of time on his backside.
We had a great roadside lunch. It was very windy.

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