Sunday, April 19, 2009

My little Swim Team in the making

Yesterday was the day that Julia tried out for our local recreation swim team. Macie and Thomas have been on the team for a few years and now Julia has decided she wanted to join the team. She did a great job at her tryouts and she did infact make the team. With her special needs the team was a little hesitant in having her on the team, but I told them she really wanted to do this and that I would let the coach know what to expect from her. She will get scared, but what 6 year old isn't a little afraid of the big pool. Just wait until those coaches get to know her and she does what they ask and she tries her best at all times, they will fall in love with her. Just wait until she smiles at them and hugs them just because. This is going to be terrific for her if nothing else because she will be just like her older siblings and just like any other child her age. When we told her she had made the team she just beamed and said "Yesssss". We almost have a full relay. Matthew will be our next swimmer in the Hay family, but that will have to wait until he actually likes the water. :) Congrats to our Julia, well done you!

I made the team !!!!!!


Trina said...

way to go Julia for making the swim team!! I may sign Cameron up for lessons again this summer??
Love The Weitzels

Janel said...

way to go Julia, you are awesome girl!