Monday, February 9, 2009

A Talent Show and a Cowboy Birthday

Last Thursday Macie was in the talent show presented by the 4th, 5th and 6th graders at her school. The show was 36 acts long and broken up into 2 acts. Macie was participating in 2 acts and they both were in the 2nd act of the show. Grandma, Pa, Auntie and Uncle were all on hand along with the rest of the Hay gang. We just couldn't wait to see her perform. Her first act was an original skit written by her and performed by Macie and her friend Carlie. It was very cute and she did a great job. The next act she did was a solo performance of the Hannanh Montana song Life's What You Make It She has a sweet voice and seemed like a natural up on the stage. We were all very pleased with her and the courage she had getting up there in front of all those people. The school also showed the talent show in the morning. Macie had to perform in front of the whole school too. Here are some shots of the night. I didn't get any of her performing because I was video taping it, of course.

Now onto the cowboy. Matthew was invited to his first friend birthday party on Saturday. It was a cowboy themed party. He had the time of his life. The party was located where people have property. Matthew was able to ride a horse, play on a zip line, jump on the trampoline, and swing on a rope swing. The little boys decorated paper-bag vests, played with water guns and shot toy lizards and ate cake. Oh what fun he had. The pictures tell the whole story.

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