Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just Another Day

Sometimes I think about this blog and think that I have to only blog spectacular thing. Then, I remember why I started the blog and that was to record the everyday, normal. run of the mill things that happen to us the Hay Gang. Today was just another day. We woke up and did the morning rush to feed the gang and get them out the door to school and work. Julia had swim lessons and I picked Macie up from school and took her to the ortho. We are still in a holding pattern for the braces. (mom says yeah no payments yet. :) ) Since I had Macie my dad took Julia for her swim lesson and apparently she had her best day yet. She made it from one side of the pool to the other. This is what she needs to be able to do to make the swim team this summer. It will be fun having three of the gang on the LBD team.
I then went to Target and got the bushel of diapers/pull-ups that I buy each month and found a pretty new bedspread to buy for my bed. I actually have never bought one for this bed because it was given to us and was bigger than any bed we have had in the past.
Then I went and picked up Matthew at school. Put the boys down for a nap. Picked kids up from homework club, took Macie to Activity Day girls and came home to make dinner.
Now they are all in bed and Tom and I are anxiously waiting for our new favorite show to start, Life.
Off to watch the tube. Oh, happy day just like any other day!

The Gang having fun just like other days. :)

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