Saturday, January 10, 2009

Magical Munchy Popcorn give-away

I found this blog from a cafemom group I'm on and she is having a give away. Part of the give away is that I need to post about a time when someone did an act of kindness for me. Now, I have many people who are always doing kind things for me, and I'm sure they have no idea how it has helped me. My husband does kind things for me all the time and my family of course is kind to me. As many of you know we have 5 children and it can be difficult to get out. I have this friend Lori who called one day about a year ago and said that she would love to sit for the gang and let Tom and me go out. We took her up on it and had fun. It was truly kind and loving of her do to that for us. Thank you Lori!


sariqd said...

So glad you put your name in the hat! Don't you just love it when people doing things like that? Be a friend... I think we just forget how much it can mean to someone else. :) You have a cute blog... I'm working my way through it!

The Staves said...

Thanks for looking at my post we live close to each other!
I'm in the El Dorado Stake.
Do you know The Snow family?