Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Santa Play and A Recorder Show

As school is winding down for the Christmas break there are many activities the kids get to participate in. Last week we had Macie's recital and today we had Thomas' Play and recorder show. I love being their mother and watching them shine. My heart always grows big (kind of like the grinch :) ) when I'm watching my children do terrific things, even if it is unloading the dishwasher without being asked. Anyway, today was another heart growing moment. Thomas was an elf in the play and did an amazing job on the recorder. He, too, is playing his mother's old recorder. His teacher is terrific and is teaching the children recorder because she thinks it is important to learn to read music. Yea for her. Tomorrow I get to go to Julia's school and participate in a K-3 grade sing-a-long. Julia has signed to me that she is scared of me coming and watching. She's probalby worried about my heart growing too big and embarrassing her. Or maybe she is afraid to be in front of a lot of people.
Here are a few shots of our recorder playing elf.

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