Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas decorating

Now that the tree is up I still had to finish putting out all my treasured Christmas items. As I took each one out of the storage bins I lovingly decided not to do it to the beautiful item. I just couldn't put my beloved items out for my little people to find and give scary love to. I came up with the plan to just put out things that could be place on the tv stand, piano, buffet, or on the mantle. The gang still has the magic of Christmas and my treasured Christmas decorations are safe for another year.
Macie has a violin recital tomorrow night and Pa and Gram are coming to watch. I get to go to my bunco groups annual Christmas ornament exchange. I look forward to this during the year. It is such a nice night.
I accomplished so much yesterday. I organized all the presents and even wrapped some. Matthew insisted that some of the gifts under the tree were for him. Sadly none are his. He will be getting a few gifts soon enough.
Thomas gets to be in a Christmas play at school and will be an elf.
The Holidays are in full swing and the gang is so excited about all the traditions and fun that goes on around here. Tonight we see Santa. Macie's list is full and ready to go.

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