Monday, July 28, 2008

This Week

So today is Monday and we begin a new week full of great things to do. Here is what we have to do this week.
1. spackle and chaulk the baseboards in the girls room.
2. Touch up the paint in the girls room.
3. Matthew has his last speech session on Tues.
4. Macie has an ortho appt. on Wed.
5. Grandma is taking the kids school clothes shopping on Wed.
6. Tonight we get to go to grandma and pa's house for dinner
7. Organize a couple of closets
8. Go to the kids swim team awards night on Tues.

I guess that is enough. It was a terrific Friday, Sat, and Sun. Tom went to Scout camp and my sister came to help me put the laminate floor in. Big surprise is that her husband showed up too, and they did the whole floor while I painted baseboards and took care of the kids. Sunday we went to church and got to relax afterwords. We are waiting for the loft beds to arrive so we can move the girls back into their bedroom and begin on the boys redo. Well I'm off to do a little spackling. :)


Janel said...

wow you make me tired just looking at your list. You amaze me with all the stuff you do while managing all the kids at the fort!

The Bjurstrom Family said...

Wow... and I thought my list to do this week was long. Keep up the good work. I hope you are taking pics of all of this:)