Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Busy Week

I wish I had pictures to go along with this post, but I don't. This week has been a busy one. We started thinking that we could buy a new house. You know 5 kids in a 3 bedroom isn't all that fun. Well we found out that we couldn't afford the house we wanted so we thought why not add on and get more bedrooms that way. Our friend across the street is a spacial designer and she came up with the perfect plan. We are in love and decided to go ahead and get some bids. We will not be adding on. The one bid we did get was too rich for our blood. ($125,000) So, now we are re-doing the girls and then onto the boys rooms. We will be putting in closet organizers, re-painting and getting loft beds for each girl. We are hoping that this will give the feeling of more room or maybe just the illusion of it. So Monday Macie and I spent all day on line researching loft beds and found the one she wants. Julia loves this one. I know a bit expensive, but only a fraction of what an add on would be. The beds should be here in 2-3 weeks. Now we have to paint and lay the new laminate flooring. We got a smokin deal at Costco for the floor. We also made a big giant cookie.
Tuesday- I took Matthew to his Physical Therapy appt and then Macie went to the orthodontist. She had to have x-rays and will be getting a retainer soon. The ortho says that we will be doing extensive work on her in the years to come. Oh, Joy!
Wednesday - I took Macie to get a cavity filled and then onto Wal-mart to buy odds and ends.
Thursday- I made some plum jam and homemade bread.
Friday - I moved the girls out of their room and into the living room. We can now begin the re-do of their room.
Saturday - picked up the paint. Finished prepping the room, started priming the walls, washed all the blinds except my room and the boys, washed all the windows, went to the river cats game with all the kids. They had a ball at the game, and the girls love sleeping in the living room. I hope it doesn't last too long having a living/bedroom.
Anyway I should have taken pictures of the beginning of the re-model, but I didn't and I'm kicking myself. I would love to see the work that we do as it gets done. I guess it's not too late. The girls love the new colors that are out and I let them have a light neon green type of color. The color is called Scotch Mint #G040. You can search and check it out. It seems brighter in real life than at the website. It's only paint right? :)


Janel said...

oh Stacey.....good luck with all the remodel stuff. Did you try ikea for furniture? They seem to have some great space saving ideas. It would be a good place to go to look at their sample display rooms to give you ideas.

Jenna Lee said...

I will have to come over and look at the new stuff going on in the Hay house!! I love the new outline for your blog! its super cute!! I love primary so it was great to be there!ha