Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thomas is Famous

Well we sent the pictures of Thomas' Antsy McClain birthday party to Antsy and he made a page on his website all about Thomas and his birthday party. Antsy sure liked that Thomas is a fan and would go to all the trouble of having an Antsy party. Anyway check out the Thomas Hay page on Antsy McClain's website. Go to by way of the title of this post and then click on the news link and the birthday party page is the top article. Way to go, Thomas. By the way, we are going to see Antsy sing at the Palms in Winters CA, on Friday night and Macie and Thomas are coming with us. What fun!

Edited on April 21, 2008

We took Macie and Thomas to see Antsy McClain on Friday night. We got to sit in the front row and Thomas was absolutley thrilled. The concert went until 12 midnight and the kids hung on. They loved his song about Larry getting the cooties. Antsy even announced to the audience about Thomas having an Antsy McClain birthday. Thomas has told me that he wants to be like Antsy when he is older. He wants to sing and play the guitar just like him. We couldn't think of a better role model for young kids. Thomas knew many of the songs and sang along. Macie was completly mortified when I got up to take Thomas to the bathroom and Antsy stopped playing and asked "Where you going?" as I walked out the door. Then he asked Macie if I usually take a long time in the bathroom or if I was going 1 or 2. She jsut laughed and pointed at Tom and said ask him. He then proceeded to play licks until I came back. I have watched him to theis bit before and thought how funny it was, well not anymore. :) I vow to never sit in the front row again, unless of course we have the kids with us. What we won't do for our children. :)


Lisa said...

Hi, Stacey! I'm enjoying reading more about your family (as you have about mine!)! I was looking into Signing Time, and there are a bunch of DVDs...should I be looking at the Baby Signing Time? Which ones would you recommend to start with? We are using basic signs with our baby, but I would be interested in brushing up with something more structured. Thanks for any advice!

DebLawson said...

Oh my gosh! I found Thomas' b-day pics on that guy's website! How FUNNY!!! He really called from Europe?! What a great birthday and what super parents you are for going all out for your adorable boy!
Miss you guys!


Livin' Life said...

Thank you for your comment. I am the coordinator for our churches special needs program and am trying to develop a ministry that fully includes all those with disabilities. I am interested in your link you left and will look into it. You have a great blog and I enjoyed reading some of your posts. Thanks

Sunny said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. We love Signing Time, too. Especially Baby Signing Time. It is such a great tool when it comes to trying to teach little ones to communicate with signs.