Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Is Here!!!

The first day of school August, 2011
I'm so glad it is fall.  I love the briskness of the mornings and the chill in the air at night.  Soon we will start having fires.  Happiness!  Today is my brother's birthday, and it is the first time in 17 years that we will get to spend it with him.  He is home from prison and we are happy.  He will be getting a Starbucks gift card and brownies ala Macie.  We are supposed to go the Ward Trunk or Treat tonight, but it being Matt's birthday we will not be going.  I haven't broken it to the gang yet. 
 Tom and I are living in the living room due to the fact that we are still remodeling our bedroom. I painted and Tom has been putting in a beautiful laminate floor. The room is looking very pretty, and I can't wait until I can lay in my bed without who ever walks through the front door looking in and saying "Hi". :) The kids love having our bed in the living room because they can play the wii while sitting or jumping on the bed.
Everyone is in school and studying hard. We are waiting anxiously for Halloween to come. We will have a bumble bee, sock man, blue witch, Darth Vader, and a cape wearing karate man. The caped karate man will be going to a birthday party today. He is so excited. :)
I wish I had more of my fall pictures loaded so I could post them, but at least I'm posting. Have a great Saturday and Trick or Treat!
Tom working hard on our bedroom floor.
Matthew is officially wanting 2 front teeth for Christmas!

Our Halloween decorations.  Thanks Auntie and Uncle!

One of our Friday night homemade pizzas.

Who gave Henry that sticker?

Red Ribbon Week and Thomas went all out.  :)

Halloween at Grandma and Pa's.

Before we went Trick or Treating.

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