Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm worth millions!

My brother in law Scott has stated that I am worth lots of money.  You see when I was younger (in my late teens) I was making popcorn I think and burnt down my mom's kitchen.  She got a new kitchen out of the deal and we laugh that if anyone wants a remodel I could come over and cook.  I was then hit by a car 2 1/2 years ago and received a small settlement to cover some of my suffering.  Well, on Christmas day, I tripped over the camcorder cord and hit the ground.  It is on video and Scott thinks it should go to America's Funniest Home Video.  I don't.  :)  After I hit the ground and got up, the Christmas morning festivities started.  I realized that my camera wasn't working well.  I fell with my great Nikon camera in my hands.  I broke the flash.  I thought I could fix it on my own.  I tried, it didn't work, so I took it to a camera repair place.  $220 dollars later it is waiting for me to pick it up.  Maybe I should send the video into AFV and get my repair money back.  :)  I have been out of sorts without my camera.  The kids have done great things and I wasn't able to record any of it.  I don't like blogging without a picture or two of what's been going on.  So hopefully within the next few days I can take some pictures and blog.  One can hope.  :)

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CD said...

Maybe you need an iPhone or another camera phone to use as a backup. :-)