Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dance Performances

Every year at this time our school hires a professional dancer to teach each class a dance to perform for the parents on a given night.  This is something that my children look forward to.  Macie performed her last dance at Parker Whitney and Matthew performed his first.  I love watching the little kindergarteners perform every year and this year I was so proud of my Kindergartener.  :)  Macie and Thomas had "in front" roles and did very well.  Julia's school participates in the dance performances in the spring.  This year since we had 3 performing we went to the dance shows on both nights.  Macie performed on the first night and then Thomas and Matthew performed on the second night.  Grandma and Pa even got to come and watch the dancing goodness.  Here are some great pictures of my ultra good dancers.  :)



CD said...

Very cute, Stacey! I have to wait until Spring for our school's performance.

Stacey said...

nice mom